Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi Caution Ghanaians with Lies

Lies By Dr Pushkin-and Teri Wiizi 2
Lies By Dr Pushkin-and Teri Wiizi 2

The numbers keep stacking up just ten days after Lies by Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi was premiered on YouTube. The video has garnered over 77k views and reached Accra’s Youtube Charts, starting with a single view. Such a stellar performance on the chart is incredible for conscious rap aficionados.

Lies By Dr Pushkin F. Teri Wiizi

Even though the time frame between the audio and video was a stretch, It was a worthy wait, for that matter.

Released to coincide with Ghana’s Republic Day, 1st July 2022, the music video simulates the turbulent nature of today’s leadership across Ghana and the world. When the turbulence is juxtaposed with the utterances of society’s leadership, the diagnoses point at lies. Dr Pushkin teamed up with Atigsi-Badek and Kwame Black, placing quality and creativity at the top. The result is the visually appealing content captured to compliment this fantastic song.

Lies By Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi is a song that seeks to wake ordinary citizens up from deceit. Despite the sultry delivery by Teri Wiizi, his verse and hooks gave that humid yet strong wording meant to spark a new thought pattern for all who love Ghana.

Lies By Dr Pushkin-and Teri Wiizi
Lies By Dr Pushkin-and Teri Wiizi

Because Ghana has moved from an economic doldrum to a fast descent into an abyss, Lies by Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi is timely.

Most Ghanaians have particular leanings that appear to cloud minds in a time of a discourse that could spell prosperity. From the Church to the corridors of power, deceit seems to have taken over. Lies By Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi therefore, caution people on what to look out for in pursuing a holistic discourse on the development of society.

Dr. Pushkin did not mince words as he detailed idealism’s intricate and systematic destruction through the song. Dr Pushkin calls on all to be vigilant by citing technology, experts, religious people, and partisan politics as the tools used to suppress the ordinary Ghanaian.

Best described as a truth-telling song, Lies by Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi is one of a kind in an era of glam. The visual content rehashed the truth-telling piece meant to spur a thought pattern of questions.

When the Ghanaian author, AI specialist, and rapper dropped the audio to Lies, one could only envisage the words in visuals. The song is an excellent piece for a person who remains burdened by the desire to fight the system with music. Dr Pushkin roped in one of the finest emerging singers from Ghana to give off an impressive vocal performance to compliment his ever-impressive rap bars.

Globally, music remains a frontier in the fight against injustice and bad governance and an avenue for enhancing the well-being of all. While its entertaining and economic component is more popular, activists have employed it as a voice. Lies By Dr Pushkin and Teri Wiizi is one such song that reveals what’s behind the words of many leaders.

It is about time we returned to prioritizing music that would go beyond entertainment to evoke thoughts.

Dr Pushkin recently dropped Alien with Kromanteng, a song that tackles the inequalities of society.

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