Here’s why you should keep your sex life activated during pregnancy


Do you know that sex during pregnancy is healthy for both the mother and baby?

Juggling between raging hormones, loss of appetite and expanding waistline, sex is most likely the last thing on every pregnant woman’s mind.
However, sex during pregnancy is very good. Studies have shown that sex cannot harm the baby during an uncomplicated pregnancy.

You might be wondering why a pregnant woman should have sex. Here are the reasons why pregnancy sex is completely safe.

1. Makes recovery easier

Sex during pregnancy makes labour and recovery easier. Having a regular orgasm increases the contraction in your pelvic floor which helps to strengthen your muscles for labour.

After childbirth, those muscles still stay strengthened as they help you bounce back.

2. Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure is attributed to pregnancy especially when the delivery date is close. Regular sex during pregnancy will reduce the risk of having preeclampsia, which is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system.

This complication usually begins when your pregnancy is 20 weeks old.

3. Improves orgasm

During pregnancy, your hormones are very sensitive. From your nipples and clitoris getting swollen to oestrogen, which is sex hormone drawing blood flow to your pelvis, orgasm is easily achieved during pregnancy.

This sensitivity has to be put to good use by having sex during pregnancy.

4. Prepares for labour

Orgasm is improved when you have sex during pregnancy. This orgasm, therefore, contracts the uterus and makes contraction easier when labour is close.

If you have the strength to have sex on the due week, then you should go for it.

5. Reduces stress

Most people get stressed easily during pregnancy but sex will make it better. The hormone that stimulates love, oxytocin that’s released during pregnancy helps to reduce the feeling of stress.

This hormone is mostly released during sex.

Source: www.pulse.ng


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