I don’t focus on negativity – Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Sometimes it seems as if actress, Lydia Forson is always in the news for a negative reason; either she is being criticised for her opinions on happenings in the country or she is having arguments over her ideas.

Her strong personality and ability to express herself have often come with a cost as she has been insulted and endured name calling.

If her critics had thought this would clip her wings then they are wrong because she keeps getting stronger.

I don’t focus on negativity – Lydia Forson

In an interview with Showbiz recently, Lydia Forson said she has the drive to keep going irrespective of the opposition because she does not focus on negative things.

“I am one person who do not allow negative things get to me and I will not change who I am because someone out there is not comfortable with my persona.

“In life, when you allow certain things get to you, you cannot grow and cannot do anything meaningful with your life because you will be thinking of what has been said about you.

“But you have to let your positivity drive you, that should be the force you move with and trust me, you will achieve more than you even envisioned,” she said.

Commenting on her movie career she said, “it has not been an easy journey, I have had my issues but we thank God for how far he has brought us.”


In a word to the young ones out there, Lydia advised that they be themselves and not let anyone shatter their dreams.

“You can if you want to, just work at it and do not listen to the naysayers. They will be there but the real deal is you,” she said.

Lydia Forson got her big break with Sparrow Production’s Scorned and Perfect Picture which earned her the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2010.

She has since featured in a number of movies including Phone Swap, A Sting in a Tale, Masquerades, Letter From Adam, Side Chic Gang among others.

Last year, Lydia won the Best Supporting Actress at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), which came off in Nigeria for her role in the movie Isoken.


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