Look at your mates – Thoughts of Akan-Mwanatechaab


Look at your mates. A statement worthy to the ear, birthed by the lips of well-wishers, whom we often confuse for naysayers.

And derive negativity from, instead of a motivation to soar. One to make us the eagles, we are. It’s sad, our ways of understanding!

Yes, look at your mates as a motivation to achieve the best of what you’re into, not what they’re into.

Yes, your mates that are no more is enough a reminder of life’s nothingness:

A reminder of who we are in the presence of the Almighty; nothingness.

A moderator to our moreish drive of Oliver Twist, buried deep down our hearts’ inundated list.

Look at your mates, but try never to be like them, don’t be your mates!

Run your race, at you own pace. Race with yourself, Compete, and beat your best self! Your best self is your mate.

Look at your best self, look at your mate.

@Akan-mwanatechaab, 2019.


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