Lyrix Abisah Drops Stingy Men Association; a Bolga Version

Lyrix Abisah - Stingy Men Association
Lyrix Abisah - Stingy Men Association

Expounding creative boundaries, Lyrix Abisah, a musician based in the Upper East Region of Ghana has made music to a trend. Social Media has been “awashed” with memes tagged Stingy Men Association. Whist the the topic makes light mockery of a societal problem; it certainly provides some entertainment.

Who Is Lyrix Abisah?

Lyrix Abisah represents the resilience that characterise being an artiste from the Upper East Region. Despite the many hurdles that span the industry, artistes keep serving fans with ingenious creative pieces. If the efforts being put in could culminate in economic gains, artistes would be much happier. However, but the realities abound.

The impact of songs like what Lyrix Abisah has created

Creating pieces like the above may not entirely define Lyrix Abisah’s relevance, however, it represents a honing process for tomorrow’s challenges. In the process enriching a repertoire that could be a basis for major concert invitations. Is the Rap Mechanic ready and willing to endure the period of drought?

Consistency, growth, and the timeliness of releases can be a major factor in the business of music. The ability to make music that is relevant to a time and place can also be a creativity defining factor. With creativity well grounded, the industry would simply have to pursue aspects of the music business that would compliment the talent.

The region is making major incursions. Artistes such as Lyrix Abisah, Ging Sen, Chris Berry, Ruty Roc, and Ratty Bangarang, would gradually join the likes of Rockcity, Soorebia, Nambawan, and several others in a quest to put the region atop. ChrisBerry’s rumoured collaboration with Kelvyn Boy when confirmed would go a long way to prove the worth of talents in the region. It would also open the door for creative thinking, when seeking a nationwide breakthrough.

For many, success is indeed what crowns the struggle.

Listen to Stingy Men Association by Lyrix Abisah below.


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