New Music; Rashida Brack Beauty – Quata Budukusu Addresses Serious Industry Issues.


You may have seen a filthy sex video by the Jigwe Award winner Rashida Black Beauty; whilst many have tried to dissect the unfortunate tomfoolery from different angles, Quata Budukusu one of Ghana’s most prolific hip hop artistes has opened a new perspective to the issue. 
With impressive lyrics, puns, relativism, amazing rhyme schemes and a beautiful blend of languages – Quata addresses the ills of society in relation to priorities and what constitutes success. 
Going hard on the 3 minutes rap song, Quata raises salient points. All the issues raised by Quata are matters of concern to Ghanaian artistes and the society at large.

Check out the impeccable bars beautifully woven into rap song below.



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