[New Music] Zyggy Ranks & Ital sing to reduce the spread of Corona Virus – Hello Corona


The task of fighting the Corona virus remains herculean. People from across varied professional fields are adding a voice to help curb its spread. Zyggy Ranks, one of the Upper East Region’s finest reggae musicians has therefore added his voice to the educational drive.

“Hello Corona” has got Zyggy Ranks and Ital employing their well-honed skill to educate the masses in a simple melodic tune; the kind with an infectious hook. With reggae being a musical genre that mostly uplifts the soul, as well as preach messages that can allure to the benefit of humanity, this song is definitely timely and on point.

With the most sophisticated health systems crumbling across the world, it remains a prerogative for all to adhere to the precautions that have proven safest in this fight. This is why the amazing reggae musician has chosen to reiterate some of the safety measures prescribed by the World Health Organization as well as Ghana’s national health directorate.

Listen to “Hello Corona” Below

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