It’s a WO-volution in Tamale.

Rapper’s in Tamale cover WO en-masse.

WO-volution in Tamale
WO-volution in Tamale

It’s not new for artistes to cover popular songs, however I am not familiar with covers en masse. One thing is for sure, Tamale and the Northern will remain a major player in Ghanaian showbiz for a long time. It is arguably the fastest growing sub-industry in Ghana; sub-industry because the showbiz discourse over a period has endorsed the regional blocs. Whilst opinions vary on the direction music in the Northern Region has taken, it will be inappropriate to ignore the fun aspect of the entire business. WO-volution = fun here.

“WO” is one of Nigerian artiste Olamide’s newest hits; and an interesting piece of art if you ask me. After courting some controversies for mentioning cigarettes in the song, people have finally accepted the song beyond the trivialities.

What is WO-volution?

Tamale has decided to unleash a barrage of covers. It’s a WO-Revolution and every artiste with some skill jumped on the beat. I am not sure the first artiste to release a cover of the song but the different versions bear a certain degree of individuality with Shaban releasing two different versions.

Who is on WO-volution?

So Far Boss Family artiste Dobble Tee, 69 Boss – Maccasio, Luchi Mo, Shaban, Saani & Website King have released covers of the song. TM, the youngman who recently claimed to have initiated Dance Hall in Tamale released an interesting version which would pass for a remix. Shaban as indicated earlier released two versions one is an absolute cover and the other is a hiphop remix of WO.

You be the judge, who killed the cover? Check below.

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I love music, I love the entertainment. But I will always stand for strategic exploitation of all the elements that birth success in showbiz. My advice is simple, before you jump on a cover, be sure you can out-do the original composition or bring new life to the beat. Don’t just cover because a few people are doing so. Music is business.


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