Sad; Singer Irene Logan Labels Ghana a Xenophobic Nation

Irene Logan

Irene Logan formerly of Irene & Jane Fame is setting an agenda that may suffocate her. When an amazing singer is bereft of ideas to rekindle a slumbering career, they resort to all sorts of shenanigans hoping to stay relevant. The above is what I deduced from a tweet by one of Ghana’s finest voices Irene Logan. (or should I say Liberia’s – could even be Liberia’s gift to Ghana).

In a tweet, Irene Logan stated;

“The depth of xenophobia in Ghana towards other African citizens runs very deep! Especially towards #Nigerians and #Liberians” ,

Irene Logan Tweet
Irene Logan Tweet

The hogwash of having to sway into matters that you do not understand is sometimes an attempt to appear intelligent, politically correct, appear to fight for a cause, or simply to stay relevant. Unfortunately the silly rant by Irene Logan who coincidentally is a Liberian is telling of how frustrated she might be as a musician. The intricacies of being a bigot may appear far from view, but your true nature is easy to spot eventually.

Her tweet which generated a backlash from some of her followers appear to have stirred a distasteful discourse, yet, she appeared to enjoy the comments that sort to correct her warped mentality on what constitutes xenophobia and the recent issues bordering on the laws of Ghana, and criminality involving people from other countries especially Nigeria.  To even draw in Liberia into the matter reveals a lot about this so called minister of the gospel.

Irene Logan Tweet
Irene Logan Tweet

My dear Irene Logan, the ability to discern and appreciate issues beyond the use of flamboyant and fancy words is not a matter of owning a keypad, neither is it tied to your ability to hit impeccable musical notes. It’s more of you eschewing all manner of political correctness, and in place uphold truth.

I will not waste my time going into the issue you seek to label as xenophobia; I know discerning people can read through this opportunistic antic of yours. Nigerians, and Liberians (including yourself) have lived peacefully in Ghana for years. People of both nationalities do not love crime or breaking laws, so when matters of criminality come up and you choose to be a bigot, do so with tangible facts and not perceived-from-web facts.

Musicians sometimes just need to stay in their place like other professionals. No one can take away the vocal prowess of this songstress; however, the bafoonery enshrined in her attempt to stand for something non-existent by clutching at idiotic and irrational claims to profiling is a dent on her awesome musical personality.


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