Teri Wiizi joins Dr. Pushkin in exposing Liars.

Teri Wiizi joins Dr. Pushkin in analyzing Life on a new Jam; “Lies”

Teri Wiizi & Dr. Pushkin in a Pose
Teri Wiizi & Dr. Pushkin in a Pose

Ghanaian crooner, Teri Wiizi, has been called up for a collaboration with Dr. Pushkin for the second time. He joins the fast-rising rapper on a song best described as a break-down-of-our-social-norms. Their previous collaboration titled “Halleluyah” was an expression of thankfulness, especially in the face of a global meltdown of ideals and morality.

Lies ( Teri Wiizi & Dr. Pushkin) – LYRIC VIDEO

Probably a sequel to “Hallelujah,” “Lies” expose the contortions of society. It also seeks to dissuade from accepting some of what is normal but detrimental to humanity. “Lies” reiterates that man could be socially constructed to self-destruct. This is particularly true when people from within the politico-socio-economic divide take up the responsibility of making life better.

With more and more artists going raunchy, “Lies” is a relief. Teri Wiizi is currently an independent artist trying to find a footing; this may signal a grasp on the right path. Joining Dr. Pushkin in stringing together thought-provoking lyrics over soothing instrumentation is simply ecstatic. In the process, they’ve created a song that elicits nothing but hope through good music. “Lies” is that song we can vibe to while paying attention to the lyrics.

The eclectic song is a classic piece.

Teri Wiizi kicks it off with a beautiful chorus and hook; despite the good vocal performance, he doesn’t dumb down on the lyrics. Dr. Pushkin then rolls in with an aggressive charge at the beat. He then details what we got to look out for, as we patronize career politicians and the majority who try to shape society with self-serving antics.

As a scientist, Dr. Pushkin prioritizes technology to effect change. According to Dr. Pushkin, he makes this kind of music to entertain and affect change in the thought patterns of music lovers.

As a characteristic of the phenomenal nerd who has added music to his arsenal, Dr. Pushkin continues to push waves of consciousness through rap.



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