[Watch] Paga Crocodile Pond: Tour Guide teases crocodile appetite with a fowl


Visitors who have been to the site can attest to the fact that these crocodiles are not the regular wild ones, as many had the rare opportunity to ride of these crocodiles and take pictures.

The Paga crocodile ponds in the Upper East Region are said to have the friendliest crocodiles the world over. Crocodiles that associate very well with indigenes and tourists alike.

Believed to be the souls of the indigenes of Paga, these friendly crocodiles have attracted and continue to attract huge numbers of visitors to the town.

However, the place needs a lot more investment to be able to attract many more numbers as it promises to be the world’s next tourism destination.

A video which surface on the internet gives evidence of the friendly nature of these crocodile as a tour guide is seen playfully teasing the appetite of a crocodile which had come ashore upon being baited with the sound of a chicken.

Source: Atigsi.com


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