Alapta Wan Bares Her Teeth : Don’t Get Pregnant

Alapta Wan
Alapta Wan

Alapta Wan is not new to the music scene of savanna Ghana. She has adorned several stages, from Navrongo to Wa, Tamale, etc. Interestingly, the finnese, and execeptionalism hasn’t waned. There are very few of her kind, yet She has constantly proven to be worth the most attention. Song after song, she’s always presented a persona that deserves a spot on the main Ghana music scene. Her last major showing was on a song with the Lyrical Gunshot, Iwan. Her performance on the latter’s “I like” song, off The Return album was a major display of Talent. She is currently the reigning REGGAE/DANCEHALL ARTIST Of The Year – UEMA 2020. Are you surprised she was a thrill on the 18th of August?

18th August, sensational Dancehall King in the “Queendom” shook Navrongo. Alaptawan mounted the Di Asa stage, and throughout her performance proved why she can’t secede the Dancehall Pillar tag. From energy to vocal prowess, she exhibited the skill of a well-prepared performer. Coming on the heels of an infectious new release, this performance can best be another opportunity to present an endearing repertoire.

Alapta is currently promoting her latest single Poore, a song that encapsulates the Drill trend and the gritty dance-hall feel. Despite being a feet-stomping and entertaining song, Alapta Wan seeks to address a social issue. Poore means “Pregnancy” in Gurune. Whilst being pregnant is often welcomed in society, the high rate of teenage pregnancy is becoming a cancer, impeding the development of young ladies in the Upper East Region.

As an entertainer, Alaptawan employs humour and the best of puns to address the Region. The song advances as a caution to young ladies. Poore cites the numerous pleasantries that has led to many of such unwanted pregnancies. And reiterates that, placing value on non-essentials like a pack of Indomie can be a lady’s bane. It is refreshing to always have musicians creatively tackling social ills. Considering the poverty rate of the Upper East Region where she is based, this message is timely.

Poore is produced by Kobby Beatz for Savanna Records.

The above may sound more of a promotional piece, however, it is purely an observation I have made. I love music, and will always look out for the kind of music that will keep my soul at ease. Aside the fact that I love Rap & R&B, I won’t call myself a genre freak…I am just a brother living in my own space.


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