Another Gold-Gang massive; Do Something

Another Gold-Gang massive; Do Something
Another Gold-Gang massive; Do Something

Call it an infatuation, and you might get it right. Since I discovered Gold-Gang I’ve been mesmerized by the depth and beauty of their music. It reminds me of the grimy nature of 90’s hip hop, despite its morale-laced themes.

Gold-Gang seem to live a trajectory of positivity whilst maintaining the beautiful sound of hip hop; they exude the true meaning of the hip hop culture. With flawless rap verses often inter-twined with melodious vocals, these youngsters representing different parts of the Northern part of Ghana are definitely building a strong foothold. When the dawn breaks, and their incursion becomes major, one must be ready for eclectic performers when they mount any stage.

Call it building reps for the future…you don’t want to pay and see an artiste who performs for a few minutes and vanishes.  

Somehow, Gold-Gang always has a message in there that can turn a sorry morning to an inspiring dance session. “Do Something” is a fun hip hop song that reminds us to work hard to achieve all we desire.

I just feel proud knowing there’s several artistes still giving us “fun-spiring” songs.

I’m still wondering the names and faces behind this unique clique; minding their business but dropping major bangers.

Listen & Download Do Something by Gold-Gang below.



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