Can you beat this? Hafiz set to Marry THREE women on the same day.

Damnnnn, Ghanaman Power – Wedding of the century.


Defying all odds, a Ghanaian man has exhibited some “balls” in the area of marriage. Suffice to say, marrying multiple wives in Ghana is usually associated with faith or ethnicity. Yea, but its illegal under civil law, though it can be argued to be legal under customary law.

The unusual feat is interesting considering the intriguing wave of feminism and its relating effect on marriage/family life vis-à-vis the significance of women in the daily affairs . An artwork circulating on Facebook suggests a man by name Hafiz is set to marry three wives in Walewale in Northern Region of Ghana.

The wedding invitation actually reads “Barzini, Chankusomo, Mba Kata Naba & T99, have the pleasure to invite the company of…to come witness the Islamic wedding ceremony between the Son & Daughters; Osman Hafiz, Yidana Sikena, Ali Karima & Yakubu Huzaima”.

Obviously this is a Muslim marriage, however, THREE at a go, damn Bro. Hafiz must be some head-striker or sleek talking man to have all these beautiful ladies agree to marry him on the same.

We’re definitely going to Walewale on the 23rd of November to witness this awe-inspiring union. Who knows, we may be inspired to follow suit.

How many wives/husbands do you want to marry?


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