Aphiez tells a Valentine Love Story from Navrongo.


This is feel good music, excitement from finally making a wife out of the woman you love. In the spirit of Valentine, Aphiez has given a Navrongo perspective to what makes up a beautiful love story.  Anyone from Navrongo can visualize the beautiful lyrics as they transpose the various processes of traditional Music.

Crowning it with a beautiful video, Aphiez has given us something worth labeling as a Valentine Gift.

On many spheres, musicians from various backgrounds continue to add diversity to familiar and unfamiliar sounds. Aphiez is one such artiste curating a unique sound synonymous to that of music legends like Michael Adangba. Undoubtedly, the art of music is growing and empowering many.

A Di Kaani By Aphiez


His latest song, A Di Kaani, a phrase for “I got me a Wife” in Kasem (his native language), chronicles what typically transpires in a traditional marriage. Staying true to the spirit of the message of the song, he brings aspects to Kasenna traditional music and culture to a beat.

I have always maintained that music is mostly influenced by our social experiences, and cultural leanings. No matter the genre, to own a sound, one must bring their socio-cultural being to the beats. This appears to be the forte of this emerging artiste. Beyond the use of his native language, he fuses contemporary vibes, a francophone feel, and elements of Kasenna music to give a thrill beyond the norm. This allows for fans to enjoy an alternative sound which isn’t dumbed down.

Who is Aphiez

Born Bawa Michael Ayerkegia somewhere in the Eastern Region, Aphiez relocated to Navrongo at the age of 10. He then lived in his home village of Gia, in the Upper East Region of Ghana till after secondary school when he moved to Accra.

As a child, Aphiez always had a knack for performing music. Despite the haphazard compositions at a young age, a continuous honing eventually got him singing his own songs from Primary School till date.

Aphiez is a former pupil of Tono Junior High School and Bolgatanga Technical Institute. Through all his stay in school, the young Aphiez continued to prepare for a future of music. After studying Networking and System Engineering at IPMC in Accra, Aphiez Music decided to pursue  parallel careers.

Even though he is yet to put out an album, his singles reveal a mainstay artiste. Single after single, he has created a unique sound, garnered a following, and continues to be a shining representative of music by a JogoBu.

If you love that feel of tradition, Afro and Francophone music, Aphiez serves it right, sizzling and sweet.


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