Bloody Museveni Featuring Bobi Wine to be Premiered


Ghana’s leading reggae radio presenter Blakk Rasta is set to mesmerise audience with another creative piece of music. Bloody Museveni is set to be released on the 1st of February 2020. The suggested title indicates a lot. Blakk Rasta is definitely going to take us into history, whilst chronicling the events that led to so much hatred for the 76year old dictator.

Why Bloody Museveni?

Bloody Museveni comes on the heels of Bobi Wine’s “loss” to Yoweri Museveni, the incumbent president of Uganda. His loss in the 14th January 2021 election, has been described by many, including international observers as very fraudulent. Several instances of injustices were recorded across the country. There are reports that some polling stations weren’t allowed to vote, however ballots were thumb-printed by Museveni’s goons(soldiers).

Incumbent president Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni won the elections by a staggering 58.64% votes of total votes cast. Many have discounted the results as a true reflection of what happened.

Right after voting, Museveni’s main challenger Bobi Wine and his Family were put under house arrest. Soldiers surrounded his home around Kampala, refusing entry or exit to anyone. This action has since been squashed by a Ugandan High Court.

Bobi Wine is a Ugandan musician whose rise to prominence stems from producing awe-inspiring music. However, with time the young musician, decided to join the fight against injustice perpetuated by the political class.

 This song Bloody Museveni, lends credence to the already tattered image of the Ugandan Dictator. Museveni came to power after toppling the government of then Iddi Amin. It is however, interesting the turn of events. As a man who stood against a dictator, its somewhat illogical to seek to rule forever. Museveni has been president since 1986, and this would be his 6th term as president of Uganda.

As frail as he’s become, Museveni continues to immolate antics that suggest he’s fit. However, reality is that he’s probably become senile, out of touch with reality, and just another 76year old power-drunk old man.

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