1Africa Mixtape Volume 1 By KV Bangerz is Here – Listen Up


Last week, I wrote about an ingenious project by KV Bangerz, 1Africa Mixtape. The Project dubbed Afro Feast Tape has the eclectic producer teaming up with 30 different musicians from across the African continent.

Check it Out below

Spanning several genres, the producer and rapper seeks to create cross-border hits for all on the tape. I call it a true test of creative abilities. KV Bangerz is known for his Hip-hop and Trap leaning, however, this project highlights the multiplicity of his abilities. Backed by Legacy Kinetics, KV Bangerz is doing what many producers may be dreaming of.

Who is on the 1Africa Mixtape?

Listening to all the songs on the 1Africa Mixtape, one can attest to potential of music made in Africa. Considering the economic implications of excelling in music, the gains in fans from multiple countries is a plus.

  • 1Africa Mixtape features the following artistes. Blizz
  • Boggy Wenzday & Cabum
  • Bryan The Mensah
  • Pappy Houdini
  • Cass
  • Coby Rola
  • StyleGod Dante
  • Dele Winga
  • Edrin Finity
  • Ekow Marvel
  • Yung Fubz
  • Ice Blank
  • Kellyjey
  • Leki J
  • MarioKing XXL
  • Mrr. Couston
  • Mula Palmer
  • Mumble Jumble
  • Raytoon
  • SamFlow
  • Sectormadeit
  • Silky Pablo
  • Solid K
  • Tochek
  • Vennuye & Efemor
  • DVinci
  • Vinnikins
  • Xila Roy
  • YODE
  • Ziyase

The above represents a well-curated list of musicians. Musicians on different pedestals in their own regard. However, since the quest for success remains infinite, this creativity-dominated mixtape is another step.

Not so often do we have such a huge collection of artistes on an album. Over-competiveness may be the cause, however, this tape may just be the game-changer.

1Africa Mixtape is another musical win for Social Media

KV Bangerz has indicated that all the connections on this tape were made through social media. This further demonstrates that when social media is used appropriately, awesome remain the results.  The 1Africa Mixtape  aka Afro Feast Tape is the fisrt of many to be released by KV Bangerz & Legacy Kinetics Africa.

Check it Out below


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