Clash of Titans – 69 Vrs. Pa2Pa Soldiers in That Girl

What happens when an artiste like Maccasio teams up with Patapeezy (Patapaa) ?


When I first heard there might be a collaboration between Tamale’s darling boy Maccasio, and Patapaa now known as Patapeezy. I honestly froze; I’m not sure if it was excitement, shock or a subjective expression of disdain. But my inner being pointed me in one direction; one corner.

The two artistes are huge ambassadors of their respective home regions and towns. The loyalty of their fan-bases can easily be likened to the Shatta Movement and Sark-Nation. The only difference is that one has a monster hit, and the other has a fan base that will not just jam to his songs, but will support him in everyway; including paying for music, apparel and attending events featuring him en masse.

Clearly, from a business perspective, these two collaborating is an awesome idea.
Call it a North-East connection, call it a 69 & Pa2Pa collaboration but don’t miss the jam.

Will Maccasio & Patapaa take us to Christmas with “That Girl” ?

Listen & Download “That Girl” below.

[disk_player id=”2084″]

#TheSavannaJamTheWeek returns soon.

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