Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy; a clash of titans

Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy
Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy

Who are they; Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy

Two of Tamale’s finest rappers whose creative abilities remain unparalleled are Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy. Whilst many other talented rappers abound, these two have proven beyond doubt to be amazing word-play acts; with in-depth appreciation of all the elements of rap music. Despite living in a conservative town, the two creatives have served music lovers with alternatives to indigenous music. This assertion is further enhanced by the consistency of the two. Despite the stagnated state of their respective careers when placed in a commercial context, they’re kings. Their love for the art probably outweighs the need to explore their commercial viability.

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The relevance of Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy

These two, Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy, command a street following that can easily be the basis for a rise; but they’ve failed to capitalize on it. They inadvertently rule the Tamale Rap scene; purely from years of produce awesome rap music, which should have been national and international hits. Sadly, as the years go by, they may just fall off like many great talents from the savanna. If indeed things turn out as such, I strongly believe what their fans would forever cherish is a collaboration. Whatever strife exists between them must cease. They musn’t loose any opportunity to be seen and respected as ideal legends. Whether borne of over bloated egos or the unavailability of a collaborative opportunity, they will loose the status.

Why I wrote this piece

I came across a post by Marcel, a multi-talented musician who doubles as a producer. The post is a classic case of a producer bemoaning the rather unfortunate situation prevalent in the savanna of Ghana. Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy are very much a part of this problem. Check the post below.

“There’s this song titled “ABIMITI”(u no know we) by these 2 great rappers. Since 2018 the song hasn’t been released because of a feud between the two artists. The song is undoubtedly one of the greatest hip hop tunes ever in Tamale(if not the greatest).
Alhassan Ahmed Boldkid MrZini NorthernMusic Superstars Quëën Atigsi Badek
U guys for help me drop the song. As it stands no own owns complete rights of the song. It was purposely produced to promote my works.”

“Arguably the greatest hip hop tune of our time from Tamale. Produced in 2018, my early days in Tamale. This was to promote my works, announce my presence and quench the already existing feud between the two artists. U needed to witness the smiles on their faces during the studio session. Unfortunately this song was never released because their differences set in again.
Technically none of the artists has total ownership rights to the song per the reason behind the production even though it was SKY’s idea to put Saani on.
In short I can’t just sit back and watch this great work by these two champs go waste and am releasing the song.”

Listen & Download Abimiti by Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy below

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Opportunities & Failures of the two

Dagbon Saani, was about to burst out big in Ghana with the Half-a-loaf-project suddenly fizzled out. This came with little-to-no-explanation from the label some few years back. He has since failed to make any major impact in Ghana music. However, he has remained consistent with releasing music and videos that exude his groundedness as an artiste.

Since SKY the Tamale Boy emergence, and endorsement by Obrafour, SKY has chosen to rather place himself on a success pedestal that was only a mirage. In the process, he launched attacks at Sarkodie for not honoring an “obligation” after an event in Tamale. It has since been daunting task to make a major breakthrough. Many have attempted to manage his career, however it’s been unsuccessful. A few have described him as “difficult to manage” or impossible to manage. This is sad for such true talent. SKY must allow people with the discipline and acumen for artiste management to help if he wants to win.

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Is it too late for Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy to rise?

For the longest of time, both Dagbon Saani & SKY the Tamale Boy have each remained consistent and prolific. They continue to release music that literally sets Tamale ablaze. This means, they still possess the artistic acumen needed for success. However, could it be time they considered getting a management that understands the business? It is okay to be thrilling the immediate towns; however, it is better to make this a business you can live off.

Ghana may not be focusing on music coming from the savanna regions enough; even worse are the actions and inactions of musicians from there. A person doesn’t need super powers to assert that, the youth of the savanna are just like every other youth. Thus, they heavily make and patronise music; be it trendy or eclectic in nature. Let’s hope for a change in antics; these two deserve to be superstars.


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