Maaseg Dagaati aka Ed’Win narrowly escapes death

Maaseg Dagaati
Maaseg Dagaati

Who is Maaseg Dagaati

Maaseg Dagaati is a rapper I’ve admired from afar; his song “Ungrateful Motherf*ckers” drew my attention to his ingenuity and realness as a rapper. Overtime I was able to hear more music from his stable. It’s inspiring the kind of entertainers currently adorning the savanna, I must admit. With a background in accounting at the Kumasi Technical University, one would assume Maaseg Dagaati should fall off like many dreamers. However, staying true to the rap game appears to be his focus. His EP titled “Starvation” is telling.

Starvation is actually “heart on beat”. Maaseg Dagaati delves into several emotions stemming from the struggle to rise and stay relevant. Recounting all the challenges on different songs, the EP lays bare the strides and achievements. A Cedi & A Dream is song everyone can relate to. The Starvation EP has six songs; however it exposes Maaseg Dagaati as a true rap artiste waiting to explode.

The savanna has opened up to the world on all fronts. From outstanding innovations to demystifying age-long perceptions. In the process, it has become another part of Ghana racing against retardation. The Arts remain one of the channels currently projecting the Savanna to the fore as worthy of investment. Maaseg Daagati also goes by the name Ed’Win is a budding rapper set to become a cash-cow any investor.

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Maaseg Dagaati nearly electrocuted

Maaseg Dagaati, after a near-fatal accident has cautioned fans on the use of electronic gadgets. After the freaky incident which happened on the 27th of May. He took to Facebook to share his near-death experience. We’ve been cautioned against the use of electronics plugged in to power sources.However, his encounter has thought him enough to warrant a change in attitude.  Something he finds worthy to share.

Taking to facebook, the amazing rapper posted the following;

“Never Use Earpiece While Charging Your Phone.. I Was Nearly Killed By Lightening Just Like Two Minutes Ago.. Shit Is Dangerous”

In a follow-up conversation via WhatsApp he further recounted his experience.

“It had stopped raining and was just drizzling. I was watching videos with my phone while I was charging it with my earpiece on. All of a sudden there was a sparkling light on the right side of the earpiece and then thunder and lightening followed”. Quite freaky, but we are grateful for no major injuries.

What’s next for Maaseg Dagaati

Maaseg Dagaati is currently working on a yet to be titled album and some music videos. He’s recruited some impressive musicians from the Tamale area for the purposes of this yet to be titled album. Notable amongst the artistes he’ll be featuring include Fadlan & Olatunde.


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