Tamale Wedding Anthem ; Nsuhu Maya By Don Sigli

Nsuhu Maya By Don Sigli to send weddings into a frenzy.

Nsuhu Maaya By Don Sigli
Nsuhu Maaya By Don Sigli

Hearing Don Sigli for the first time

After listening to “Wunpini” by Don Sigli in 2017, I fell in love with his music. Touted as the king of melodies in Tamale, Don Sigli has consistently been a major thrill to people who appreciate soulful music. Performing in his native language Dagbanli, the singer uses infectious melodies to attract audience who do not speak Dagbanli. It is not surprising that when I played his new song at the offices of Miracle Wave International, everyone started a dance move. His newest song, “Nsuhu Maaya” is a confirmation of his ingenuity as a musician.

The search for a wedding song

As part of growth, I’ve been considering getting married this 2018. Since weddings call for beautiful music, I’ve particularly kept my focus on music from the savanna.I have been in search of amazing wedding songs. I love music, and music rules every aspect of my being. My search came to a stop when the love crooner, Don Sigli, mentioned he was about to release a new song. As an inquisitive person, I tried knowing the kind of content to expect in the song; all he said was “It’s a wedding tune”. For me that was like excitement guaranteed at my wedding. Before I could enquire if it’s already been recorded, he shared the artwork and my eyes literally lit up.

When I eventually received the song, It was a masterpiece with Ojah Drumz and Jay C. Drumz on the productions.

About Nsuhu Maaya

Nsuhu Maaya which literally means “I’m pleading with you” is the freshest wedding jam in Tamale. Personally i’m not aware of any wedding songs; however, this ingenious creation by Don Sigli is definitely one of the songs that must be on all wedding reception playlists. Danceable and Rhythmic, Melodious & impeccable vocal performance – basically an all round masterpiece.
Listen & Download “Nsuhu Maaya” below.

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Don Sigli’s Wunpini won the Overall Most Popular Song of the Year at the Northern Entertainment Awards 2017.With the release of Nsuhu Maaya, he is definitely a sensation set to take Ghana by storm. With the right collaborations, he will definitely fit the profile of great singers with a nationwide appeal.



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