Dr. Pushkin features Lyrical Joe in “No Heroes” ahead of 2 Album Duology


“Ain’t Nobody saving anybody!” – this is a profound statement from “No Heroes” by Dr Pushkin.

Through experiences at SXSW 2023, OFF GRID, and North2South 2023 Dr Pushkin has met many artists and interacted with lots of different people. With his first release of 2024, Dr. Pushkin is confirming that he will continue to use Rap as a tool for socio-conscious messaging. 

After an event-filled 2023, the ever-thriving enigma, Dr Pushkin, has released a heart-throbbing “audio-graphic” song titled No Heroes featuring VGMA 2022 Rapper of the Year Lyrical Joe. The two artists, whose prowess includes being great lyricists, have stirred the hornet’s nest by claiming something contrary to the norm. 

Performed over a hard Hip Hop beat produced by Phredxter, “No Heroes” is an empowering song that seeks to prompt people on self-belief by drawing from within. The notion that people must look up to “Heroes” and expect saving while emulating the so-called heroes has stopped many from reaching their full potential. In an imperfect world, we must aspire to grow by acknowledging our weaknesses. 

Dr. Pushkin sums it up by saying, “This is your world – once you take control!”

No Heroes is coincidentally the title of Dr. Pushkin’s 1st album of 2024. He will follow that up with another album titled “No Miracles” – with the Duology telling a single related story. The two titles represent an entire worldview; they also restate the impact of rap on community activism and the fact that rap music is a voice for many and a medium for education. While the former highlights the power of self, the latter highlights the power of “getting it done”. In Dr. Pushkin’s own words, “We get it done by doing, not speaking”.

The two albums are a result of thoughts and interactions; from reading books, to meeting people, and reflecting on the views of others. Having performed at the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, in 2023 and also staged three musical events in Ghana, Dr Pushkin has decided to unleash a barrage of music collaborations. Both albums will feature both solo songs alongside a spicy dose of awe-inspiring collaborations. 

Dr. Pushkin is set to feature a tall list of artists from the USA, Indonesia, South Africa and Ghana. It is a repertoire filled with impressive talent from across the globe. Each artist on the album represents a unique culture of self, skill, and reach, making the collaborations artistic, effective, and timely. 

The first feature is Lyrical Joe on No Heroes. This will be followed by features including Kojo Cue, Strongman, CJ Biggerman, Eno Barony, AzkonnaBeatz, TeriWiizi, Alaptawan, B-Wayne, Kwadjo SPiRi, Muphasah, JaHWi, Gingsen, Quata Budukusu, Jahbone MP, and Stevo Atimbire (among other surprise names yet to be announced!) – all fellow Ghanaian artists. On the International front, Dr. Pushkin features Tuantigabelas and Yacko – two of the illest rappers from Indonesia, 3pleB from South Africa and Americans AZA and Aggie. Ever present is Dr. Pushkin’s brother Ataman Nikita. 

The album includes beat productions by Phredxter, Peewezel, Paul Azunre, Nikita Tolkachev and AzkonnaBeatz.

If you loved Dr. Pushkin in 2023, prepare for a new level unlocked in 2024.

Music is indeed work work work, and Dr Pushkin is proving to own a seat at the table of men with an impressive work ethic. 

2024 is definitely the year Dr. Pushkin’s label Isolirium Entertainment fully unveils his intention to stay and dominate.

“No Heroes” is the first of many collaborations that will wow fans and music lovers this year. 

No Heroes is available on all streaming platforms via the link below:



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