Fancy Gadam the Ruler to “takeover” Koforidua…


To many he’s the total cheat crooner, to others he’s the ruler of Northern Music. Starting off as a dancer, and eventually laying vocals to a beat, Fancy Gadam has worked. With 5 studio albums to his credit, it’s no doubt the young energetic Fancy Gadam has stayed focused on building a brand that can be sustained for a long time. The envy of many musicians, he continues to make strides other musicians can only dream.

After a successful burst-onto-the scene, Fancy Gadam since 2016 has defied odds to either set trends, or achieve enviable feats musically. From filling stadia across Ghana, to packing event venues, and scoring massive collaborations with some of Africa’s topmost musicians, this enigma continues to wow all who love music and the business of music.

With the release of his latest Album “The Dream Album”, Fancy has outlined a number of self-hosted musical events across Ghana as part of a promotional drive. Even though, a comprehensive list of venues is yet to be released, words from the stables of 5M music suggests there would be several stops over the next couple of months.


Fancy Gadam has thrilled fans in Accra at a fully-packed event at the National Theatre of Ghana, he’s sold out shows at the Bukom Boxing Arena, he’s filled venues in Kumasi, and virtually every space he’s occupied as a performer is always fully packed. His cash cow however remains the Tamale sports stadium. This time around he’s decided to once again move out of comfort and dare stage an event in the Eastern Regional capital of Koforidua.

If the effect of his music vis-à-vis relevance is something to lean to, then undoubtedly he’s set for another win.

This event which constitutes an aspect of his Album-release tour, is to endear him to the fans and also give a live feel of the 13 track album recently launched at the Tamale Sports Stadium.

Fans in and around Koforidua should get ready for an orgasmic musical event at the Koforidua Cultural Centre on the 15th of December 2019…We go party hard.


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