First Love By Wegeiwor is Here: University of Ghana Senior Lecturer calls for a Revival in New Single

First Love By Wegeiwor
First Love By Wegeiwor

Contrary to an absurd opinion on academics and faith, Wegeiwor a senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana has once again re-ignited the desire to see the Kingdom of God thrive. Through her new single, First Love, she is making a call for revival as the return of the Lord Jesus Christ inches closer.

First Love By Wegeiwor is a reggae gospel song, which espouses the love of Jesus Christ, and the fact that a special place is reserved for the faithful in the Lord. The song tells of how Christ would redeem his own; the repentant.

First Love By Wegeiwor

This amazing reggae composition deviates from the now chronic message of prosperity that adorns the Church. Whilst being in Christ is an assurance of a great life, there indeed are responsibilities. And this makes First Love a call to action.

Wegeiwor, who has been doing music for some decades now, has remained resolved in churning out soul-inspiring songs. Through her music, she has always sort to remind Christians of the essentials when it comes to being a part of the Kingdom of God.

This is the first single coming off an EP scheduled to be released before the end of the Year 2021.

With the current pandemic, restrictions, and a total curb on what was perceived to be the norm, this is indeed the time for believers to return to their First Love, Jesus Christ.

The single is currently on all music platforms for download and streams.

This song is the latest addition to the repertoire of this songstress whose emphasis remains Jesus Christ. Many gospel musicians would often talk about how the love of music got them to start off on a secular note. However, Wegeiwor has a different story; her love for music started in the Church and has remained in the Church. From singing in Gonja,  Dagbani, English, Twi, and some Kasem, she has maintained a stance as a Gospel musician who seeks to preach as long as she can sing.

You can stream & Download First Love By Wegeiwor via the link below.

FIRST LOVE by Wegeiwor – DistroKid


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