Legon Senior Lecturer & Gospel songstress; Wegeiwor testifies in Ku zo ku duba

ku zo ku duba by Wegeiwor
ku zo ku duba by Wegeiwor

In a praise & testimony vain, Gospel songstress Wegeiwor has shared with the world the goodness of Christ in her life. Her new single titled Ku zo ku duba, meaning, “come and witness” is her story from the struggles to the blissfulness of the gift of Christ vis-à-vis the adjoining successes.

Singing in Hauza and Dagbanli, two languages she fluently speaks; the songstress praises the effects of accepting, knowing and working her way to the top with Christ as protection.
Having endured the hardships of growing up in a broken home as well as not having all the fine things in life; Wegeiwor who is currently a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School has a lot to share.

Though her focus is on providing the underprivileged opportunities, and inspiration to push on to greatness, she acknowledges the challenges girls/women in particular suffer in their pursuit of education and for that matter education; thus her ExGlo Foundation.

Wegeiwor who is a professional nurse and has tasted almost all the fine things in life; this is despite her not-so-great background. However, as she soars, she realizes the importance of being steadfast in the worship of her maker through the son Jesus Christ. Wegeiwor is appreciative of all the doors and opportunities she’s enjoyed from the many people who have been instrumental in her rise to the top, but she is quick to remind all about the faithfulness of her maker in ensuring such doors and opportunities meet her timely.


The significance of her message in “Ku zo ku duba” is self-evident as she travels across the length and breadth of the savanna regions offering help and encouragement to the deprived – especially in getting a good quality education.

For a person with very little time on her hands, effectively joggling between her job and multi-continental engagements should ideally leave no room for anything else. However, her quest to see many in Christ is motivation enough to produce ear-pleasing music of an impeccable quality. The finesse attached to her academic works appear to have found its way into her music. Recording with finest music producers in Ghana, and consciously keeping her vocals at the apex of vocal performances is her secret.

As a wife and mother, Wegeiwor is definitely proving to be as effective as all the great women who have played varied but massive roles in ensuring the development and sanctity of society thrives.

From nothing to awesome is her testimony, Ku zo ku duba is her evidence, and she so longs to have everyone in her residence which is Christ.

Listen, Stream and Purchase “Kuzo Ku Duba” below.


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By: Atigs-Badek Afoko


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