Hajia Fati fined Gh¢9000 for assaulting journalist


A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hajia Fati who assaulted a journalist at the party’s headquarters in Accra on May 4, 2018, has been fined Gh¢9000.

The Human Rights High Court on Monday December 2, 2019, fined Hajia Fati, a vociferous supporter of the NPP for the assault of Adom FM’s reporter, Akosua Sakyiwaa also known as Ohemaa Sakyiwaa Ahwenepa.

The court held that Hajia Fati violated the fundamental human rights of the reporter to free expression in the exercise of her profession as a journalist.

The court in its judgement said Hajia Fati’s action is a threat to media freedom which ought to be punished to serve as an example to others who may be minded to interfere with media freedoms.

The court also observed that protection of such rights and freedoms was critical to a properly functioning democracy.

It, however, declined to fix joint liability on the NPP explaining that the party had shown that Hajia Fati did not act on its instruction and it was also evident in the party’s open condemnation of the assault.

The court, however, noted that Hajia Fati had shown remorse and rendered apologies for her conduct. 

A criminal trial of Hajia Fati is still ongoing.


Hajia Fati attacked the journalist by slapping her because according to her, the reporter did not seek her permission before taking pictures of her whilst at the NPP headquarters on Friday, May 4, 2018.

The journalist was at the NPP headquarters on May 4, 2018 to report on the picking of nomination forms by aspiring national officers of the party.

Whilst there, a suspended First Vice-Chairman of the NPP, Mr Sammy Crabbe went there to pick forms but was asked to go and bring cash since the party was not accepting banker’s draft.

Hajia Fati who stormed the party headquarters upon hearing Sammy Crabbe had been there vowed not to allow him to pick the forms should he return.

Her outbursts created a scene and according to the journalist, in her attempt to capture proceedings with her phone, Hajia Fati pounced on her and slapped her.

The case was reported to the Nima Police for action and ended up in court.

Hajia Fati’s argument

Hajia Fati later on explained that she thought the reporter was a member of Sammy Crabbe’s camp who had been sent to take pictures for ulterior motives.

According to her, the reporter looked like an “onion seller” not a journalist as she had come to learn.

After public condemnation, Hajia Fati later rendered an apology to the journalist and the entire journalism fraternity for her behaviour.


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