Limited Edition Ghana Sneaker is Here

It’s Brand New, Authentic, has A Feel of Ghana, and is Exclusive.

Limited Edition Ghana Sneaker 7
Limited Edition Ghana Sneaker 7

A Limited Edition Ghana Sneaker released by Isolirium is causing stares for its beauty, ingenious design, and spirited theme. The sneaker is a relic worth owning and was designed and produced by Ghanaian Rapper Dr. Pushkin.

Presented in a blend of Ghanaian Colors with a prominent Black Star, the sneaker offers comfort and a sense of belonging. Place an order through the link below.

Isolirium Fan Store – isolirium

Going into the world cup, Ghana paraphernalia has been flying around, all in a bid to win interest in the Ghana Black Stars. However, it is worth knowing that the sense of being Ghanaian isn’t limited to periods like this. People in the diaspora who may not have other Ghanaians immediately around them continue to hold on to Ghana by acquiring beautiful items that symbolize the very soul of Ghana. From the Ghana Flag, and Art Pieces, to branded Shirts, Ghanaians always wanted to present themselves as Ghanaians.

With the dynamics of the music business constantly evolving, ingenious musicians continue to stand out by exploring all available means to expand their empires. Even though he already has a line of products from his music, Dr. Pushkin continues to prove his essence by doing more. With this magical Ghana-themed Limited Edition Authentic Sneaker, Dr. Pushkin is definitely in for the long haul of staying relevant, making incredible music, and making the most of the business.

Ghana went into the world cup as underdogs, and musicians sort to influence the public’s interest by releasing songs. KweKu Flick dropped “Blackstars” with Smallgod; King Promise dropped “Black Stars” with G.F.A.; Akwaboah released “Bring Back the Love,” and more recently, NaCee dropped “Ye De Ba.” Fortunately, despite the nonchalance, the “Ghanaian” in every Ghanaian showed on the day Ghana faced the highly Ranked Portugal. The results proved the spirit of Ghanaians doesn’t seem easy to bend.

Dr. Pushkin has always pursued what can influence thought and change; with this new venture, one can see a call to action, i.e., upholding the image of Ghana through art, music, and fashion.

This Limited Edition Ghana sneaker is sold exclusively on the Isolirium website. However, plans are advanced to place the sneaker in other stores for all who identify with Ghana.

Way to go, Champ!

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Way to go, Champ!


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