Listen & Download Brand New Zyggy Ranks; HOLD DI PAPER

Zyggy Ranks is back with a street anthem – HOLD DI PAPER

Hold di paper By Zyggy Ranks
Hold di paper By Zyggy Ranks

Hold di paper, “Money cyan’t buy life, but life nuh good without it”, that’s how the Lordline artiste Zyggy Ranks starts his newest song. The song titled “hold di paper” is a street anthem just in time for the holiday period of December. Despite being a fun and danceable tune, the upcoming artiste makes salient suggestions to all his peers.

Zyggy Ranks who represents dancehall from the Upper East regional capital Bolgatanga, is one of the few artistes whose resolve is to own a spot in Ghana music. This has led to his consistent release of beautiful dancehall music. By the day, Lordline continues to help this young-man build an enviable repertoire which would come in very handy when the big break arrives.

The general Ghanaian showbiz industry is gradually opening up to artistes like Zyggy Ranks. They previously would have relatively remained obscure just because of their geographical location. However, the advent of new media, and the rapid development of promotional channels like www.atigsi.com is making the rise a bit smooth.

Undoubtedly, “Hold di paper” adds up to the many wonderful productions being churned out, albeit with rapt attention to quality and relatability. Zyggy Ranks whose previous song “Someway bi” made massive waves, is definitely working his way to the top.

If more artistes employ all the needed manoeuvres to become mainstream acts, Ghana will definitely become the biggest pool of musical talent. I say this because, my attachment to music from the savanna continues to reveal a neglected talent-base.

The theme of this song which amounts to wealth generation is the truism needed in furthering the chances of artistes like Zyggy Ranks. It’s therefore worth noting that platforms such as aftown are helping independent/indie artistes rake in revenue. Even though several other platforms exist, aftown is directly impacting the Ghana music industry.

Hold di paper was produced by Reezy and mixed by Master C. We need to hold di paper; so Zyggy Ranks dey talk…So let’s go make more of it.

Listen & Download Hold di paper below.

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