Sangolo; Quata Budukusu enters Kenya, and met Wyre

Quata & Wyre in a Sangolo pose
Quata & Wyre in a pose

Sangolo is the newest jam from Ghana’s number 1 versatile artiste; the virtuoso who wades between genre’s like he’s flipping fingers on a countdown continues to defy all odds. Quata Budukusu continues to take his craft to the rest of Africa in pursuit of global domination. Having featured on two volumes of the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes; Volume 341 & 358, an eventual dominant position on the African music scene is proof of his stature as a versatile, multi-talented artist.

Quata & Wyre in a Sangolo pose
Quata & Wyre in a pose

The above has probably contributed to the efforts being made towards penetrating other African economies apart from Ghana. Quata Budukusu has in recent times been making massive strides across Africa, starting from South Africa and now Kenya. Personally, I believe the Bakus Entertainment signee has made the right decisions as Africa needs to hear more of Ghana. I say that because, I sometimes travel to other African nations, Ghanaian music unfortunately is not as popular as the name Nkrumah. However, the fact that Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is revered in most parts of Africa should be a good reason to seek to take other things that define our uniqueness as Ghanaians to the rest of Africa and the world.

On a recent trip to Ukunda around Mombasa in Kenya, I spent every night at the popular Manyata Pub and Club, I can state emphatically, that not a single Ghanaian song was played throughout my consistent 5 nights there. I even approached the Deejay who said, he knows only Fuse ODG, but doesn’t have his music. It felt scandalising; if we’re not breaking into other African markets how would we go beyond easily?

The above is why I believe Quata Buduku’s feature of Wyre on Sangolo is a smart move.

Wyre, also known as the lovechild, is one of Kenya’s biggest artiste in the RnB, as well as Reggae/Dancehall fraternity. His role with Necessary Noise and the East African Bashment Crew, and as a solo artiste, has made his relevance incomparable. The Kora Award nominee has remained a force in Kenya since the 90’s, thus, a collaboration with him is definitely a walk through the gates towards acceptance in Kenya.

Sangolo was produced by Ephraim , another amazing Reggae Artiste/Producer in Ghana. He’s one of the few producers who has worked with Quata for a super-long while, it therefore isn’t surprising that Quata “dragged” him along. Something tells me its actually a ploy to draw Ephraim out there as well.

In recent times, Quata has worked with South African group Uhuru, HHP, Gully Bop, and several other artistes. Whilst in East Africa, I’ll want to suggest Quata and his crew to lock down collaborations with Nameless, Sauti Sol and Diamond Platinum.

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