OFFGRID – What happens when an artist stages an industry-standard event all from his pocket?


OFFGRID is an initiative by Isolirium Entertainment. Today, we delve into how and why it came to be.

What happens when an artist stages an industry-standard event, pays for all aspects of it, ensures there is an honorarium for all guest performers, and gives fans three and a half hours of back-to-back musical performances?

There have been conversations about artists investing in their craft, however, the dynamics have never been fully discussed. Most artists resort to paying bloggers, presenters, deejays, and stream farms for brand growth. However, the fans have rarely been the center of the “gifts” that grow brands. Even when artists decide to go beyond the traditional promotional plans, a relative lack of ingenuity retards the effects.

Realizing the importance of having a solid fan base, artists can create promotional antics that further endear them to fans. Beyond the gains associated with being a “hit” artist and one associated with the trends, it is worth acknowledging the effects of a “cult” following. The cult following is what follows you as an artist when the hits no longer drop.

To fully enjoy the stature of having such a following, an artist must seek to get closer to their fans., this is what Dr Pushkin used OFF GRID to achieve. The event was used to bring the conscious rapper close to his fans in Accra. Setup in a way that allowed easy access to Dr. Pushkin, fans did have the opportunity to interact with him aside from enjoying the energetic performances.

Who performed at OFFGRID?

For many artists, the struggle to grow is saddled with the competition with other artists, however, the positive effects of collaborations cast dents on such thoughts. While seeking to leave an impression on the minds of fans, Dr. Pushkin also sort to bring colleague musicians along. Bringing other performers to off-Grid was Dr. Pushkin’s effort towards sharing fans and also adding more exhilaration to the experience of his fans. True to his intention, the guest performers proved to be an awesome addition to OFF GRID.  Teri Wiizi, Aphee, Ataman Nikita, Kwadjo Spiri, Tradey, Gold Ganq, Walter Wani, and Silky Pablo, were the guest performers.


About Dr. Pushkin’s OFFGRID

The much-publicized OFFGRID by Dr. Pushkin and friends came off on the 13th of May 2023. Featuring an array of impressive rappers, singers, and the eclectic dance group Afrozig Divas, the event was a breath of fresh air for fans of Dr. Pushkin. With good music, free drinks, and sumptuous kebabs, Dr. Pushkin ensured the 4hrs were thrilling to fans.

For the first time in a long while, an artist with a focus on growing his brand set out to thrill close friends and fans to an exclusive performance. For Dr. Pushkin, this was the first opportunity to give Ghanaian fans a feel of his body of work. Having blessed SXSW in Texas USA with an impressive performance, the rapper journeyed to Accra, Ghana with a repertoire that represents his journey through the years.

Despite the free nature of the event, attendees could only access the event by RSVP. This was to give the conscious rapper the opportunity to prepare for his guests.

The nature of OFF GRID

OFF GRID came off at the serene and spacious Diddies Pub & Bar located inside East Legon, Accra. Despite the location, Isolirium set up an industry-standard stage with lighting, as well as a PA system that could be likened to any musical event. Security for the night was also provided by Ghana Police.

OFF GRID was fully funded by Dr. Pushkin and his Isolirium Entertainment.


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