Partial Lockdown Blues: Amma Serwaa Frimpong Fumes


A Facebook user with the name Ama Serwaa Frimpong has expressed her thoughts on the much publicized launch of a government of Ghana sponsored App called The Covid-19 Tracker App. She minced no words by labelling the App as “unnecessary”. Whilst many argue in favor of the App’s relevance, it is worth noting that a great number of Ghanaians find it not be a proactive measure in curbing the spread of covid-19. Several arguments are being advanced and Ama Serwaa’s opinion is just one.

Read her post below, and make your own comments.

Dear Gov, this anticlimax of an App is so unnecessary in my humble opinion.
I will say you did not apply “design thinking” before coming up with the “Tracker App”. You have created a beautiful solution for an imaginary problem without really considering or consulting the user (the people). What was the scientific research that revealed that people were moving around because they had no tracker app to show areas with high infected cases?? Some solutions works best in the west, lets stop trying to adopt everything that doesn’t match our reality. The “tech” craze with the gov’t is becoming a bit too much.

The trig question is why are people not staying home??? Hunger, Boredom? Lack of toilet facility?? Lack of appropriate housing infrastructure?? Lack of tracking app (nope). If the gov’t wants real time quantitative data on the virus, they should not rely on a “questionnaire app”. The information will not be credible or verifiable. This is still the country where a lot of SOS calls turn out to be prank calls.

Market women and people living in slums are not even understanding the English phrase: “The front line of the disease is your front door” na App?? Who is actually going to use the App and for what exactly??? To track corona and its latest destination and numbers?? so we do what with it really?? Avoid such places?? Are we no longer staying at home???
This is needless. I dare say more than 70% of the populace lack the understanding of what this covid19 pandemic really is. If they did; a market seller will not be using hand sanitizer to rub and protect tomatoes. They don’t even know how it looks or feels like. Fear has not gripped us enough to stay home. Sensitize the public, show videos of how people with virus act their symptoms out.

Even for me as an educated person; its beginning to look like a daily update of numbers just like the weather forecast; because all I see about the disease in Ghana is “recorded cases” and donations been done in a careless manner that can even spread the virus more. Why are we even sharing cooked foods?? I wish i could get more information. What treatment plan are the infected persons on??. How are they boosting their immune system?? Real time Ghanaian stories of how people contracted the virus?? An infected person sharing his symptoms. How are our doctors protecting themselves when going into isolated wards etc…

By the way please consider the Agricultural sector because post-corona will likely cause food shortage and price hikes because some of we farmers are equally staying put at home.

Anyway Stay Home, Stay Safe, Download tracker if you have data to spare!!


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