Press Release; Statement by the NDC Minority in Parliament



9TH MAY 2017

The NDC Minority in Parliament has noted with grave concern recent accusations among some Ministers of State and the New Patriotic Party Big Wigs. It will be recalled that about a week ago the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu led a group of hoodlums to disrupt a meeting organized by the Minister of Gender and Social Protection, Madam Afisa Otiko Djaba at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale. This resulted in altercations between the two on various media platforms. This worrying situation does not only have internal NPP Party ramifications but also far reaching negative consequences for the peace, stability and good governance of our dear country.
In the verbal assault on each other in the media, Madam Otiko Djaba accused Mr. Naabu of running a regime of political thuggery in the Northern Region which he uses to brutally suppress dissent against his dictatorial leadership style.
Madam Otiko further accused Mr Naabu of bribery in which he allegedly collected goats, sheep and cows among others from NPP members seeking high public office positions such as District Chief Executive positions.
In a rebuttal, Mr Naabu accused the Minister for Gender and Social Protection and two others of complicity in the murder of Alhaji Mahama Adams, former Upper East Regional Chairman of the NPP.
The two are Mr Rockson Bukari, current Upper East Regional Minister and the newly appointed Builsa North District Chief Executive. Mr. Naabu had alleged that the three had had series of secret meetings at which the plot to murder Mr. Adams, the Upper East Regional Chairman was hatched.
We in the Minority consider these developments as a grave concern as they pose a veritable threat to our democracy and good governance.
Ghana is a country of laws where the fundamental human rights and freedoms are enshrined in the 1992 Constitution and therefore expected to be enforced in ways prescribed by the law i.e. through the known and recognized institutions such as the courts. As we speak, two people are standing trial for their alleged complicity in the murder of Alhaji Adams. This allegation by the Northern Regional NPP Chairman Mr. Naabu that the three were not only involved in the murder but were responsible is crucial to the determination of the matter currently pending before the court.
Mr. Naabu’s allegations have widespread implications for the delivery of justice in the matter of the murder of the Upper East Regional Chairman.
In any true democratic system, Mr. Naabu’s pronouncement should have elicited immediate action from state actors especially the Ghana Police and President Akufo Addo.
As a government that is enjoined to uphold the rule of law and the fundamental human rights of the people, this loud silence from the state actors particularly the President is not only shocking but a betrayal of the people on whose shoulders he rode to power.
We in the Minority are calling for an immediate invitation from the Police to Mr. Naabu to assist the Police with his evidence in respect of the murder of the Upper East Regional Chairman. Similarly we call the Police and the President to act on the serious bribery allegation made by Madam Otiko Djaba, Minister for Gender and Social Protection against Mr. Naabu, the Northern Regional Chairman. We are by this asking that they invite all those whose names have been mentioned in connection with the scandal.
What is most disturbing is that under the watch of President Akufo Addo who claims to be a champion of human rights and an anti-corruption crusader, these things are happening without any concrete action from him.
As matters stand now, the Minority stands vindicated for its earlier opposition to the appointment of Otiko Djaba as a Minister of State.

We demand an action from the President now else his inaction will confirm the view in the public domain that this is a double standard and substandard government.
Hon. Haruna Iddrissu
Minority Leader



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