Quantified by Budukusu is every rapper’s nightmare

Barz Unleashed - Quantified by Budukusu


Quantified by Quata Budukusu is the definition of Rap. It embodies all the elements of the rap genre. Suffice to say, Budukusu is definitely the “beast” we’ve been sleeping on.

For rap aficionados, a rap song isn’t just another piece of entertainment. It is music fitted with elements of history, culture, and intellect, embowered in entertainment. This is what the Sangolo hitmaker has mastered, and brings on whenever he wears the rap hat. The best of rappers are known to elicit a desire to gain new knowledge. It is therefore not surprising that Budukusu brought thoughts that can add up to a listener’s vocabulary.

Why is Quantified by Budukusu a rapper’s nightmare?

If you truly love rap and for that matter hip hop, you should grab and stream this song via the links below.

Quantified by Budukusu

Quantified by Quata Budukusu

Once described as a “rapper ahead of his time”, Budukusu continues to prove Da’hammer right. Consistency, intriguing content, and a true representation of the rap culture sets him at par with your regular rapper.  Quantified by Budukusu is presented in an uncharacteristic flow in a refined tone for impact.

Having emerged on the rap scene around the year 2000, Budukusu has never ceased to go off the scene. From being the “originator” of tongue-twisting in Ghana to recording impressive reggae and Afro-beat songs, Budukusu gave the most real meaning to a cross-genre artiste. Despite chalking artistic success with every song he touches, his first love is one he always returns to.  

It is worth bearing in mind that, the artiste who was formerly known as Quata but now Bududukusu has been considered 4 times for Grammy nominations. This feat has been a result of his tireless pursuit of greatness through churning out timeless music.

Performed over a chill-beat, Quantified By Budukusu is mad skills rolled on a four-minute beat.  Produced by KV Bangerz for Bakus Entertainment, the song reminds all of rap and hip-hop’s grit.


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