Rajoa to serenade friends and fans TODAY at the Cockpit Bar & Lounge

Sensual Music ; Rajoa returns to Cockpit Bar & Lounge – For her Birthday Celebration & Performance

Rajoa @ Cockpit Bar & Lounge
Rajoa @ Cockpit Bar & Lounge

Today is yet another milestone for angelic-voiced Rajoa; amidst the busy academic work of Ghana’s premier University, University of Ghana, she deems it crucial to give her fans and mates a good treat. This will be a night where she unleashes love-laced vocals to the thrill of friends, family and fans. This is her way of celebrating her birthday, and announcing an apparent launch unto the Ghanaian music scene. The serenity of the Cockpit Bar & Lounge inside the Achimota Mall is obviously offering the best atmosphere for this musical gift.

As affectionately professed by her, music must not just be singing some notes, but, must possess a harmony of soul-lifting, mind-appealing and spirit-thrills.

Ewuradwoa Markin who goes by the stage name Rajoa made her first appearance on a music stage at age 7, she has since intermittently performed in Church, Creator Schools, and on several high-profile shows. She is one of the few relatively unknown singers who have sang to the presidents of the republic of Ghana on many platforms; she’s also entertained the crème-de-la-crème of Ghanaian society at the Ghana Unity Ball, Sparkling Moment, and The African Unity Celebration event on the Osu Oxford street among others.

Somewhat a perfectionist, the quest to excel in every endeavor got Rajoa involved with the Miracle Wave Band Int. for years; her dealings, and work with the band as a vocalist helped nurture her talent to compliment the tutorials her Dad, Ing. Dr. Dan Markin and Bernie Anti gave her.

Coming from a home that looks at life in its entirety, she’s had to spend most of her life pursuing academic excellence. Even though she is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration; Rajoa believes it’s time to start a journey of accounting for her vocal talent in offering much more service to society, with the understanding that, “If music is the food of the soul, then let’s have more of it in quality form”.

Undoubtedly, the ability to sing is a talent from the Lord. However, to effectively utilize this ability to advance life, bring relief to the troubled and realize economic gains takes a lot more than just possessing the talent. Honing the gift, preparing adequately by way of knowledge acquisition vis-à-vis securing yourself academically, and in all relevant spheres of life can afford one the peace of mind to peacefully pursue a quality-based musical career. All the above, Rajoa has pursued with absolute dedication, and continues to excel therein.

Talent is awesome, but honing it makes one peerless; this is something Rajoa has done for years, offering her an edge over many singers. Having trained with amazing vocalists like Amandzeba, Pat Thomas and Bernie Anti, she’s had to endure the brunt of hard training to secure easy singing.

As unassuming as she is, the power behind her vocals continue to be a thrill-factor wherever she went. It therefore came as no surprise when Ivorian super-star Freddie Meiway expressed awe when Rajoa attended a rehearsal session with him recently.

This birthday musical gift, comes on the heels of an electric performance at the same venue where on the 10th of October 2018; an insatiable crowd cheered and asked for more of Rajoa; she and her management therefore decided to once again treat patrons of the Cockpit Bar & Lounge to more of Rajoa.

The Characters Band who serve as an in-house band at the Cockpit Bar & Lounge every Wednesday, would work with Rajoa to give patrons a night of uncontrolled live-band music.

As part of Rajoa’s birthday celebrations, loads of free meals, drinks and Turkey Chops would be given out by the Cockpit Bar & Lounge. You can call it Music & Meals for thrills. Cockpit Bar & Lounge serves the tastiest meals and cocktails in the Capital; it is located inside the Achimota Mall.

Come, enjoy live-band music, tasty meals and cocktails all under one roof. Cockpit Bar & Lounge is the place to be on Wednesday, 31st October 2018. Performances start at 7:30pm.



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