RappErSania ’s yet to be released “Faith” may not fit into any genre of music.

RapperSania & Kobik Preach Faith.


Tamale is quiet an interesting place with regards to showbiz. Apart from the many “turf commandos”, there’s also the constant discourse about genres and who does what kind of music. The Hip Hop genre is probably the most scrutinized. Suffice to say, there’s a large cannonade of rappers within the Tamale enclave, however, the debate about who’s hip hop and who isn’t will rage on for a while. RappErSania

The aftermath of 3 Music Awards still linger on; with divided opinions on who deserved what, and whether some songs which won awards in certain categories actually fit the genre. Whilst, concerns may be genuine, it is worth noting that Sadiq Abu put in his all for this event. On that note, we may want to look at hip hop in the eyes of Tamale. With artistes like RappErSania holding firm to the genre. You may have listened to Fancy Gadam & Maccasio, however there’s a group of awesome musicians out there.

Truth be told, mainstream Ghana music is yet to have a true feel of what Tamale has to offer musically. Numerous artistes with varied skills for different genres are continuously putting in the work, in anticipation of a breakthrough. RappErSania, one of Tamale’s virtuosos, is one such artiste.

I’ve had the privilege of listening to his yet to be released song, “Faith”. It is an eclectic song which features Kobik. I say eclectic because, the song by way of production draws from multiple genres to deliver a unique sound. A sound that may challenge RappErSania’s own definition of hip hop. “Faith” is a blend of hip hop and classical oriented instrumentation. With that noted, which genre would we be placing the song?

If you love music like I do, you’ll constantly prowl for alternative music, though it may sound familiar, you will always want to hear something not out of the books. Which means, you may not be stuck in genre’s. I have personally have moved on from enjoying genres to enjoying good music. This change has helped me appreciate the business of music, as well as the art of music.

Wait for Faith by RappErSania Ft. Kobik


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