Akayet ; Another Rockcity Magic Song

Akayet By RockCity

Akayet is the latest song from Rockcity aka the Bongo Beer Boys. Have you ever wondered the meaning behind the name Rockcity? Well, if you know Bongo, and know the amazing talents called Rockcity, you may be getting closer to an answer. Rockcity is a music group that appreciates the rocky environment of Bongo, an environment that can assume a tourist potential when careful thinking is put to it. It’s therefore appropriate to say Rockcity are ambassadors of tourism in the Bongo area. One may liken it to young Shutup-Gh and his love for Vea.

Take a first listen to Akayet by Rockcity below.

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What is Akayet

It’s worth acknowledging the two names per their worth. Akayet is undoubtedly the finest hotel in the region. A luxurious and well-constructed hotel with the right amenities to give guests, and the people of the Upper East Region a taste of true exotic luxury.

Who is Rockcity

RockCity, on the other hand, is the biggest music group from Bongo; and by extension the Upper East Region. Their Sagl3 concert in 2018 is one of the most successful musical events to be hosted and staged by musicians from within the region. With several songs to their credit, they’ve carved a niche for themselves; as the music group that brings out the dance in everyone. Their biggest song, “Beer”, is still found in all the jugs and pubs in the Upper East Region, and yes, they have a new song with Article Wan titled Akayet.

On Akayet, Rockcity makes a case which suggests that Akayet Hotel is the premiere place to hang out and have fun if you cherish luxury and exclusive services. On a party rhythm, the musicians take turns to talk about the hotel and the kind of hangouts they’ve had with friends and fans at the beautiful hotel. Whilst it could be an endorsement of a sort, insiders from within the camp of Rockcity have mentioned that Rockcity don’t just entertain, they seek to use entertainment to educate and expose the uniqueness of the Upper East Region; in the process improving the socio-economic potentials of the region.

The above is purpose well defined, I’ll say. Personally, I’ve always loved the ingenuity of many musicians from the savanna zone of Ghana, the kind of thought, be it deliberate or accidental makes me cringe at the sad fact that we haven’t made incursions into mainstream Ghanaian music enmasse. But then again, whilst a single song or album can mark the success of a musician, his repertoire would always be more than the single or album. Meaning, all the great songs would eventually be the reason Rockcity can host or be billed to thrill a charged crowd for hours non-stop.

Akayet by Rockcity featuring Article Wan is definitely a different level of creative marketing; selling a song, a music group, a town and and a hotel in one song without recourse to boring repetitions is a mark of INGENUITY.

Listen & Download Akayet below.

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