Singer Efya’s Baby wahala


The Ghanaian singer with an angelic voice Efya appears to be dismayed at news of her having delivered a baby boy. A run-through a thread on her twitter timeline suggests she wasn’t happy about the news which appears to be untrue.

As usual, it is another time for a blogger to get blamed for not being accurate enough with a report or simply making news out of what others may describe as not being news worthy. Truth be told, when I came across the tweet, I almost wrote a story congratulating her. Unfortunately, I was betting on betway which took a little time. After going through the thread, I was actually happy some of her followers found a nice way to let her know it’s her fault when such inaccurate information is put out. The fact is that, she ignored queries pertaining to the true meaning of what she posted.

Bloggers are opinionated; thus, they are free to read meanings to anything they find interesting.

So please, our dear celebrities and superstars If you don’t want us to write our interpretations of your moves, make them explicit. That way we can be on the same page and maybe, be more complimentary in our write-ups. Sorry if we hurt you, we just write based on how much we know and want to share.

According to a story on www.ghbase.com, images of a baby boy posted on Efya’s twitter timeline suggests she’s just had a baby.

Considering the fact that several Ghanaian celebrities have always managed to keep their pregnancies hidden only to surprise the Ghanaian populace with news of giving birth. It is not surprising that such news would be prominent. In any case, the caption which is a question further proves why bloggers have to invent stories from anything they find appropriate.


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