Team of Hope Returns to Sandema with free surgeries

The Team of Hope
The Team of Hope

The Team of Hope, in partnership with the Management of Sandema District hospital, wishes to inform the general public of its Mid-Year Medical Outreach scheduled for 7th to 11th June 2021.

Bookings are currently ongoing at the facility level. Cases to be handled include hernias, hydroceles, fibroids, breast lumps, lipomas would be handled.

Accessing The Team of Hope Surgeries

People from within the two Builsa Districts can visit the following health centres to book a session. The general public from surrounding towns can do the same.

Sandema District Hospital

Fumbisi Health Centre

Kanjarga Health Centre

Chuchuliga Health Centre

Siniensi Health Centre

Gbedema Health Centre.

One must have a valid NHIS card to access this intervention.

How The Team of Hope came into existence

As a social responsibility, Dr. Benjamin Akinkang initiated the free surgery concept in 2016. The initiative partly honored his late father. It also mitigated a situation he encountered on a trip to Sandema. The young medical officer resolved to ensure the poor can have access to surgical operations.

What started off with invitations to other health workers to join a cause became an organization. However, The Team of Hope currently has over 15 clinical officers. Many volunteers often join to execute this annual free surgery program.

This would be the 6th edition of this novel initiative. The economic standing of the rural lot makes this a timely program. Also, the intervention has saved many lives and continues to save more.

Dr. Benjamin Akinkang & Anthony Akumnyemi have availed themselves severally. They both previously involved themselves in medical outreach programs organized by BMY-Network. The Team of Hope is therefore a true indication of their selfless will to help the poor at all times. Service to mankind is service to nature.

For further information, call on the coordinators Eric Ayariga on 0244043241 or Silas Akanmig 0240771260.


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