#TheSavannaTreat 3.0; the Highs and the Lows

#TheSavannaTreat 3.0
#TheSavannaTreat 3.0

TheSavannaTreat 3.0; the Highs and the Lows; June 15th 2019; the much publicized #TheSavannaTreat 3.0 came off at the serene Aburi Botanical Gardens. Being the 3rd edition, a lot of lessons from the previous editions were considered in the organization process. As an active member of the organizers, I knew everything was going to be fun; and yes, it was a thrilling 5hours of fun. 5hours instead of the 7-8 hours; wondering why?

Media Partners for #TheSavannaTreat

Before I continue with this opinion piece, it is worth acknowledging the extensive use of social media as an advertising tool for this event. Also, the few partners who helped in publicity gave #TheSavannaTreat the much needed mileage. As expected all new initiatives require support in diverse ways to succeed. Efforts by Harmattangh, Sanatu Zambang, Event-Gh , Atigsi, Thesavannaonline, Ghanamusiclive, and Ghana360 ensured the publicity drive was sustained, as well as far-reaching.

Sponsorship & Support for #TheSavannaTreat

For the first time in the history of the event Wilmar Africa Limited, producers of Ghana’s favorite cooking oil Frytol, Fortune Rice, Excella Rice and several other top of the range products in Ghana, and Ahoom/Nallem supported the event to make it another success.

#TheSavannaTreat Menu

The menu for the day was Tuo Zaafi (Millet & Corn versions) with three different soups (Wogta, Ayoyo, and Dried Okro). Tubaani, Dawadawa Jollof, Bambara beans, and Waakye ensured #TheSavannaTreat 3.0 truly represented what it stood for. The roasted Guinea Fowl and Goat Khebab also added a lot of spice to the event; however, the shortcomings threatened the enthralling nature of the event. Angola and Pito was missing, however, the next edition will be a next level for this novelty.

The hurdles #TheSavannaTreat had to jump

Despite the over-all entrall of #TheSavannaTreat, patrons were unhappy for one reason; a LATE START of the event.

The event was scheduled to start at 10am, but started at about 1pm. Whilst patrons waited patiently, organizers were running around to to fix everything that was broken the day before. Not to hold brief for the organizers, but so much went wrong a day to the event, frantic efforts made towards plan B suffered setbacks. From Vehicles breaking down, PA-System disappearing, Khebab sellers vanishing, to bus cost increases; it was simply one setback after the other.  However, the thrill started when DJ Gizzy turned the place up with awesome music. Then came the fruit juice by Naa, the thick ForoForo aka Zoukoum, and the wide variety of food. The Guinea Fowl which was served last but hot from the grill, was really tasty.

Fun-Games and Musical Performances

I probably shouldn’t bore readers with the fact that, we left most of the fun games in Accra…Lol. However, on the issue of musical performances; we had Ras Badingu, Teflon Flexx, Itz Sheff and Budukusu who came to show some love to the event; however, the late start of the event made it difficult to create the time for all the performances. Teflon Flexx however did a little performance to thrill the audience.


Generally, the event went well as always. The patrons were satisfied. And the organizers learnt major lessons to help improve subsequent editions.

Watch out for more events around the theme #TheSavannaTreat.


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