Wani Nye By Anaiy Beatx & Kartam Graynes is for all your parties.

Wani Nye By Anaiy Beatx & Kartam-Graytnes
Wani Nye By Anaiy Beatx & Kartam-Graytnes

Wani Nye hosted by Anaiy Beatx , featuring Kartam Graytnes on vocals, is a must-add to your dance playlist. This song is performed on an infectious rhythm, and is definitely capable of going viral. The message of the song is however interesting. Kartam Graytnes who dabbles mostly in dancehall and rap decided to thrill fans with this danceable tune Wani Nye. This particular song is the first he’s composed in his native language of Kpekpera, a language spoken in the Garu-Wirikambo area of the Upper East Region.

When Kartam Graytnes reached out to me with a song titled “Wani Nye”, I first tried to use my knowledge-base to identify the language. But I realized, I had no idea, what language it was; even though I was jamming to the song. Clearly, music is a tool beyond entertainment. Until Wani Nye, I didn’t know a language existed in Ghana called Kpekpera, I didn’t even know about Garu-Wirikambo, but thanks to Kartam Graynes, I have acquired some fresh knowledge.

What is Wani Nye about?

Wani Nye literally means “Who Fart”; as funny as it may seem, we are constantly bombarded with fart in vehicles, offices and at many public places; yet, no one is ever willing to accept blame. The smell of fart can be very nauseating; the worse form of fart is the stealth bomber kind. It doesn’t come out loud but the smell creeps slowly, gently into everyone’s nostrils, eventually knocking them out. Whilst we admit it is a natural thing to fart, It’s only appropriate that we appreciate the discomfort it brings to the innocent bystander. If we do appreciate the discomfort, we would figure out a way to always excuse ourselves to attend to this all natural means of terrorizing people.

Kartam Graynes is a fabulous upcoming artiste; he’s been on the Area Code reality show, and released several singles. Wani Nye is not his typical song, but its proof that he’s versatile as an entertainer.

Listen & Download Wani Nye by Anaiy Beatx & Kartam Graytnes below.
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