Shutup Gh starts 2019 with Anthem; Listen & Download.

Brand New Shut-up Gh; Anthem

Anthem By Shutup Gh (Prod. Reezy)
Anthem By Shutup Gh (Prod. Reezy)

Welcome to 2019; Shutup Gh drops Anthem.

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Shutup Gh who prides himself in being the unofficial ambassador of the Vea community (located in the Upper East Region), is definitely set for higher heights with his first release of 2019, Anthem. Anthem, is a song that resonates his mastery of the craft, whilst creating a long-lasting memory of his name and skill level.

Performed in multiple languages including his native Gurune/Frafra; Shut-up Gh makes it less tedious for listeners, by constantly interjecting with phrases in English that point non-Gurune speakers to the meaning of this party and street Anthem.

About Shutup Gh’s Anthem.

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Though premised on fun, Anthem gives out doses of life facts such as, “If you rush, you will crash”. And that’s a show of master-craftsmanship; the ability to entertain, and educate on awesome quality. The beat accompanying Anthem is simply eclectic, and pleasing to hear. Probably, the quest to keep the local in an international ambition is the story behind such an ingenious creation by Producer Reezy.

Greatness can be attained, and Shut-up Gh is bound to be great. Having thrilled fans to songs like Zuwaka, Kinka, Vea-Dam, and his most recent release Free Bonto, one can easily deduce the steady rise of this superstar in the making.

It is worth noting that, when budding youngsters assume the role of enigmas; the required dedication would either unearth buffoonery or a master-craftsman. Shutup Gh is proving to be a master of what he’s chosen to pursue; music, rap, hip-hop. Anthem is proof the amazing Vea based rapper is fast becoming a major force emerging from the Upper East Region.

2019 is another case for the savanna regions; would the lessons from the past two years help propel some more artistes to mainstream?

Will it be an entry, or at worse an incursion into the mainstream African or Global Music Scene?

Would Artistes like Shut-up Gh finally make a breakthrough?

It’s a promising year, and we at www.atigsi.com believe, the best is up for grasp if we work at it.

Happy New year; enjoy the latest song from the Upper East Region By Shut-up Gh; Anthem below.

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