West African Bikers Converge In Lome – Togo



Bikers from Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Senegal joined other Bike Clubs in Togo for the annual West African Bikers Converge event. The host clubs from Togo: Togo BMW GS Team, Association Des Motards Du Togo (AMT), Lome ’N’ Gelles Bikers and Togo Moto Club put together a great program to ensure the success of the event.

The 3rd edition of the West African Bikers Converge came off between 28th April an 1st May 2017 in Lome the capital of Togo.

The three-day event put together by WE.ABC team in Togo (the host clubs) (West African Bikers Converge) brought together different bike clubs from the West African sub-region to foster a bond, which would facilitate stronger relationships to make journeying through the sub-region as biker easier and cordial.

The event was characterized by different activities to give riders an interesting time participating. The programs for the period included a Conference and debate – under the theme “Riding Protected”, visits to Bike Stands and Workshops in Lome, a City Tour Ride, a Bikers Show, a Bikers night at Privilege Night Club, Tourist Trip to Kpalime and a Dinner Night.

The above was carefully put together to serve as a socialization ground where biker’s make new friends, learn new tricks and techniques as well as learn new safety measures and other trends in the world of Biking.

When www.atigsi.com spoke with the president of the BikersGh Motor Cycle Club from Ghana, Mr. Mawuli K. Tofah who led a number of bikers to the event, he acknowledged the impact of the event and hinted, it might be staged in Ghana next year.

Valentino Rossi, one of the world’s most famous bikers once said, “riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside.”

The above has proven to be true beyond the racetrack and now includes leisure riding and stunting for fun. The passion bikers attach to this unique art form albeit the adrenalin surges remain a beauty to behold. Most bikers treat their bike like lovers, hence the constant longing to always be by the bike, and take long and adventurous trips.



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