Xtacy Cloud Speaks; until we realize that Upper East Region is a combination of Bolga, Navrongo, Paga, Bongo, Sandema, Chiana, amongst other towns and villages…


The Boss of Xtacy Entertainment has some rather soothing words for the Upper East Region and everyone who works within the entertainment circles there.

You see the problem I have noticed about the talents in Navrongo and Upper East Region as a whole.
1. When you talk about your success they see it as bragging.
2. Some still don’t understand social media and always catching feelings
3. They are so eager to be recognized
4. No unity whatsoever from those who have been doing this for decades and those coming up now.

  • When someone “brags” about their success, we should allow them, after all the lizard that falls from the Iroko tree says if no one will praise him, he will praise himself, it is a natural trait as a musician to “brag” listen to A-list artist music and you see everyone brags, so why catch feelings?
  • Being recognized in this industry is not about attacking other acts, and downplaying their efforts, how will someone recognize yours when all energy is channeled into down playing a brother’s effort.
  • Social media is a place of everything, even gays advocate for their rights there, catching feelings from peoples post only make you a bitter person, some post are just to create attention and humor, at most leave your comments in the comments section and stop moving it to your heart and wall

  • The unity has always been a problem for us, we Upper East have already been divided by language barriers and our population is not big enough for the division to help us, until we know Upper East Region is not only Bolga, only Navrongo, Only Paga, Only Bongo, Only Sandema, Only Chiana, but a combination of all, including other towns and villages make up the Upper East Region.
  • Do as you wish others to do for you If you want your post shared, share someone else’s it takes nothing from your pocket.

And those who have put themselves out as manager’s, how many A list manager’s do you see come to defend their musicians on social media? They are too busy looking for platforms for their artistes, so if you say you managing artiste and even with no experience look at those who have made it big in that category and walk in their paths.

If you hate me for the truth I understand, you are not the only one

Upcoming Event Hosted by Xtacy Cloud & Wobeti Atadwe Ginger

Xtacy Cloud and Xtacy Entertainment Centre has teamed up with a budding artiste originally from Navrongo by name Aphaska Omar to present an amazing concert dubbed Aphaska Omar to the World Concert (AOTTWC). The event which takes place on the 24th of December will be headlined by Aphaska Omar; with several supporting artistes. It takes place at the Xtacy Entertainment Centre in Navrongo.

Upcoming Events

Aphaska Omar has over the years gannered so much experience through work and stagecraft. He’s performed at several mainstream events across Ghana and believes this event is the official kick-off of his next level. Dabbling as a singer and rapper, Aphaska is a full package when it comes to music.


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