Bars of A Legend is a Statement from Tilakou – Listen Up


Bars of a Legend. Without mincing words, Tilakou’s newest song is most likely his hardest show as a rapper. The flow, delivery & content resonates the force he has become in the industry.

Coming on the heels of a brouhaha surrounding remunerating artistes in the region. Bars of a Legend will makes a good case to mount when amazing productions determine an artiste’s worth. Bars of a Legend is definitely not a hastily done production. But rather a song made to satisfy the thirst of rap aficionado’s in the region…and probably beyond.

Listen to Bars of a Legend below.

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Tilakou teaming up with Typanza is yet another smart move by the Voum hitmaker. Typanza is one of the most underrated artistes from the northern part of Ghana. Thus, Tilakou goes beyond acknowledging his own artistry. He exhibits appropriateness in showcasing another great artiste to the world. He did a similar thing with B-Wayne. Suffice to say, the enigmatic B-Wayne is an Afro-Pop artiste from the Upper East Region. His work with Tilakou proved why he is a contender for Afro-Beats King to emerge from the UE. Undoubtedly, the relevance of Tilakou further cemented B-Wayne’s awesomeness.

The year 2021 has generally started well for music in the Upper East Region. A lot of conversations have come up regarding the growth of the industry. Also, Soorebia has dropped a new anthem titled “Bemboe”. Tilakou follows with Bars of a Legend. The ever-controversial yet entertaining representative of the Bolgatanga Zongo also made statements culminating in a song titled $10K. Even though I’m personally not impressed by the song released by Showboy, I’ll leave that for a bigger conversation.

When Soorebia emerged 3 Music’s Next Rated artiste of the year, it was just a tip of what the region has to offer.

Bars of a Legend was produced by MMC for Originalz Muzic & Jorok Entertainment. It is performed by Tilakou & Typanza.


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