Tilakou aka Don Max to sell 20 copies of “Bars of a Legend” at $5 each.

Tilakou aka Don Max
Tilakou aka Don Max

Tilakou aka Don Max appears to have raised the bar in Ghana music; Upper East Region to be precise.  His latest move would test the true relevance of a mass/cult following. The Upper East Region and Bolgatanga has a lot of musicians each claiming to have a massive fan base. However, the true relevance of a fan base must reflect in the economic success of the artistes.

With the exception of Rockcity, I am yet to know of a paid event that had a massive attendance like Sagl3 Concert. This could also be an indication that they make good sales as well. But, can that be said about all the musicians claiming massive following?

Rockcity’s SAGL3 CONCERT II 2018

The Upper East Region has been saddled with a low patronage of music and music-related initiatives. The last few days have seen conversations on how various stakeholders in the industry deserve their due. However, the infant industry with very little-to-no investors appears not ready to reward all. In the spirit of finding appropriate means to sell and distribute, artistes like Tilakou don’t seem to be sleeping.

The yet to be released song titled Bars of a Legend, is expected to expose some innovativeness on the part the Tilakou aka Don Max. Brazenly defying all odds and myths, Tilakou has priced the unreleased sing at $5 and 25GHS per copy.

Deducting from bits and pieces of posts he made on his personal Facebook wall, the artiste is seeking to put out just a few copies of the song. Suffice to say, he seeks to run along the strategies of a limited edition. Suffice to say, Tilakou’s quest is laudable, however, would he starve his core fans to please a few?

If this antic is to ensure Tilakou makes some returns from the production, why limit the number of copies to be sold?

Tilakou recently emerged winner of the Hip Hop Song of the year category wuth his song “Black and White”. As a revered artiste he’s expected to be a pace-setter in innovation. Let’s see how the whole $5 a song goes…


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