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Itz Sheff Continues the winning streak with Koko

Koko By Itz Sheff Artwork
Koko By Itz Sheff Artwork

Koko on the beat – Itz Sheff serves it hot – New Music

Itz Sheff says the holidays won’t pass until he releases a major stress releaser. If you remember the thrills of Mr. Official & Blessings, then you already know Itz Sheff won’t disappoint with this new joint – Koko.

Koko adds up to the enviable rep of this son of Navrongo, a situation that gives him an edge over his contemporaries.

Hits have often defined the success of an artiste, but pundits and music aficionados know the art of music is not mere hits, but a true expression of a beautiful soul in words or instruments. This is what makes Itz Sheff stand out. Whilst many are busy trying to make a hit, Itz Sheff is simply pouring out talent, entertaining fans, and climbing the ropes steadily.

Suffice to say, all the recent releases from Itz Sheff could easily be monstrous global hits; however, the dynamics of the business doesn’t necessarily favor upcoming artistes like him. Promotional channels, executive producer challenges, managerial challenges, and several other factors continue to impede the rise of talents like Itz Sheff.

Showbiz has an interesting way of rewarding hard work, in that, one may release wonderful songs over a period, however, one particular can turn all previous releases into major gainers. This can be attributed to the fact that, hardworking musicians know not to rest but keep working and honing their talent. Even when they hit the big stages, they don’t rest on the laurels that might come, but rise to the occasion with a continuum of what they’ve been doing to stay relevant, truly talented, and impactful.

Koko is a beautiful song that eulogises your favorite Koko seller; most communities in Ghana has that one Koko seller who is always kind to the “area boys”. Their generosity is such that, the amount paid for the Koko, the quantity, and Koose are always so far apart. In fact we have all at some point been shown love by a Koko seller; and when she adds the Koose, we just walk home feeling like we won the lottery.

The world should watch out for this budding artiste who remains resilient, and will soon blow beyond Ghana.

Whilst many are craving chicken and the likes, me and my crew are chilling on some Hajia Fati Koko this entire holiday period. Itz Sheff got us dancing.

Listen & Download Koko By Itz Sheff below.

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