Life after Surgery; Silence, the Psalm Adjetefio (T.T) story

Psalm Adjetefio
Psalm Adjetefio is a veteran Ghanaian actor

Who is Psalm Adjetefio ?

Psalm Adjetefio popularly called T.T, was a lead character in the hit TV-series Taxi-Driver by Emmanuel Appiah in the late 90’s. He became a household name, as he played his role very well to the delight of the general Ghanaian populace. Acting alongside George Quaye aka Aboagye and Mikki Osei Berko aka Master Richard, T.T gave a performance deemed sterling in nature. He also dabbled in several other film, and stage acting projects.

Where is Psalm Adjetefio ?

Whilst it was easy for anyone to assume his absence off-screen could be attributed to the dwindling Ghana Film/TV industry; Ghanaians rose to a sad news of his demise in 2018. As media frantically tried to ascertain the veracity of the news, T.T came out to debunk it as pure untruth and that he was alive. However, the reality of his ailing health was now become a matter of public knowledge.

Psalm Adjetefio then went on a media frenzy, granting interviews to as many media houses that approached. Everyone seemed interested in getting a piece of him on their show, but did anyone really want to see this once great actor back on his feet, strong, hearty and fit again?

He’s reported to have expressed a lot of thanks for the support he received after going on some platforms, however, the typical Ghanaian will always try to sound politically correct in order not to incur the wrath of the 4th estate of the Ghanaian realm. You may argue, but the best form of care is to maintain touch with your loved ones, that way interventions can be timely to avert any eventualities.

The media and responsibilities…

In recent times, we’ve had many entertainers come out in need of financial support. As a unit of the state, I believe the media owes it a duty to begin a sensitization drive to ensure these budding entertainers do not end up as paupers, the various associations that seem to help the entertainment seem not to have the capacity to even think practical solutions, it is therefore incumbent on the media to do all it can to keep these entertainers alive and strong. Remember, these are the same people that amount to content for your various media outlets.

The media can do more if we truly seek a transformed society that hinges on love and compassion.


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