Customer by Fancy Gadam Ft. Patoranking is a Total Cheat.


The visuals for Customer by Fancy Gadam featuring Patoranking has been released. Typical of an artiste with a large following, the fans will always hail his/her every move. This single, I assume is to buttress the fact that Fancy Gadam should be a main contender at the next Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Unfortunately, I doubt if the song can pass the academy stage to contend for any prizes.

Apart from the fact that the video is simply alright (in an appealing way), the song seems to have been hurriedly put together. It appears the star of Tamale didn’t put enough work to own the song like he did with “Total Cheat” featuring Sarkodie.

Fancy Gadam is unique.

His presence on the music scene especially in 2017 has been refreshing. Having staged big shows from Tamale to Accra, he’s obviously earned a spot as a great addition to the Ghana music industry. Unfortunately, that shouldn’t exempt his works from critique. Fancy Gadam has been impressive on every stage. He has also become a standard for success as a musician from the savanna regions; however, he and his team are yet to take advantage of his unique music.

Fancy Gadam cannot easily be boxed into a genre; however, there are songs/genres that bring his unique musical prowess to the fore. As a music aficionado I’ve come to appreciate the extent to which having the right person on the right song can influence success. Fancy Gadam & Patoranking are awesome in their own ways, but was this collaboration on #Customer needful?

The height of a sexual encounter is to cum, so when one earnestly waits for a song to be released, the person is expecting nothing short of a masterpiece. This article may receive a ton of insults, but I’ve learnt to accept the hypocritical nature of our showbiz industry. If it amounts to gain, everyone damns the means.

If I was to suggest a music genre that Fancy Gadam fits in, I will say he is a Bongo artiste, just like Diamond Platinum of Tanzania. This sets him miles apart from most Ghanaian musicians. It also implies that the kind of music that endeared him into the hearts of many should not be watered-down with music that takes away his uniqueness.

A collaboration with Patoranking is worthy of praise, but it should be on the right song to promote the uniqueness of Fancy Gadam’s art.

Check out Fancy Gadam’s performance at Citi Fm’s December 2 Remember



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