D-Boy; the Rap Sapashini to Shut down Tamale with friends.

D-Boy & Friends
D-Boy Home Coming Concert Artwork

D-Boy is back in town from school abroad; whilst away, he continued to release rap music that usually featured his nativity. Thereby, putting rap in Dagbani on some awe-inspiring beats on the music map. Despite his secluded demeanor, D-Boy is regarded as one of the best rap talents from Tamale. Song after song, bar after bar, D-boy exudes a musical prowess similar to any world class rap artiste.

It is only proper that after such a long stay away from home, he thrills fans and Tamale to something great. Knowing very well the existence of a thriving music industry, he’s called up an army of amazing rappers and some of the finest singers the savanna can boast of. The mission is to wow Tamale as a united “rapdom”, with him as the host and main act. This is not just another homecoming concert, but one of the biggest “rap oriented” events featuring nearly all of Tamale’s finest.

Whilst the confirmed artistes billed for the night are top notch, slots have been left open for any last-minute performers who may join the show. Notable amongst the confirmed artistes are Soorebia, Nandos, Dobble Tee, Nazz Official, Don Sigli, One Naira, T-Bird, Dr. Fiza, Don Gama, Muda and the host D-Boy Calicoz.

I maintain that Tamale is one fine place adorned with a plenitude of talents. For every genre of music, there is an amazing talent from Tamale with a unique skill that fits in. Hip Hop, and Hip life are still regarded as separate genres in Tamale; whilst my focus is not on that argument, suffice to say when an amazing artiste “spits” bars of superior quality, we enjoy it. It don’t matter if they are hip hop or hip life.

If you love rap, and are in the Tamale this Friday, make it a part of your plan to be at JY City (Jisonaayili) 8pm Sharp.

The homecoming concert was initially scheduled to take place on the 12th of January, however due to the death of a member of team putting together the show, it had to be postponed to the 18th of January 2019.


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