Nachimba Bone’s Rant – Badek’s take Pt. 1

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Cover Art - Pretty Girls by Nachimba

Showbiz in Nachimba Bone’s home

Shortly after Fancy Gadam’s successful filling of the Tamale Stadium, a cannonade of talents became a regular meal served mainly via online portals; purportedly to further promote talents coming from the savanna.
Tamale, like every other City is constantly evolving; the emergence of musicians like Fancy Gadam & Maccasio opened up Tamale to mainstream showbiz. The situation drew attention from across Ghana to the new sound coming from the heart of the savanna. Nachimba is one of such talents to have gained recognition.

People, regarded as industry players, eventually jumped in, hoping to be a part of the revolution. Whilst people like the late Dema Naa had at a point been the main forces behind showbiz in Tamale, the new set of industry players had their own plan – get rich quick.

The competition for who gets to be famous

It is therefore not by coincidence that the fame of musicians, Radio Personalities, Deejays, TV Presenters, and Artiste managers are competing. This is not to say that none of the above-mentioned roles in showbiz can’t become famous; however, their respective roles eventually give the frontline fame to musicians. Whilst several reasons can be said to have contributed to this unhealthy rivalry; the effects of the constant sabotage, cheating and blatant disregard for the business of showbiz in Tamale is nauseating.

But who is brave enough to speak the truth, who is willing to mention names and cite examples of what they did to contribute to the mess?

Nachimba Bone’s Revelations

A member of music duo Nachimba, has revealed the true nature of music made in the savanna. Abdul Razak Yakubu aka Nachimba Bone made an interesting case; albeit exuding greed, ignorance and a reliance on failed structures. His comments appear to arrogate the top of the food chain to the performer/artiste; thus, everyone must work for the success of the artiste. It is worrying when people practicing art fail to realise the acumen of business needed to truly turn a passion to a business. We continue to make fundamental errors that prevent our growth, yet, turn around to blame everyone for our failure.

The business of music has grown beyond expectations; there was a period where music was mostly live performances. Then we had the era of records; records have eventually changed the fortunes of many as compared to the few performers who made business out of their live-engagements.

Today, musicians can make money from physical CD sales, in some cases cassettes, streaming services, digital downloads, other forms of digital sales like caller ringtones, apparel sales, Brand endorsements, stage performances, speaking appearances; essentially, the business of music has grown to a largely diversified economic venture. It only takes ingenuity and true understanding of business and investment to reap its benefits.

Personally I believe the next set of problems after lack of creativity for the Ghanaian musician is; finance, strategy, and little recourse to paperwork. The problem probably transcends music, to cover the entire showbiz fraternity. The business of showbiz isn’t typical, it involves passion, brings fame then becomes money. Passion for one’s craft is good, but it should involve the need to excel as a business. Fame is awesome, but the reality of life doesn’t really rank fame without money. Money on the other hand is good, it’s probably the only element that can keep the cycle of passion and fame going.

It is therefore suicidal for an artiste to venture into the music business without a proper understanding of what would give, and what it would bring.

So what exactly is Nachimba Bones Problem?

Part 2 of this article will be published tomorrow.

Listen & Download Pretty Girls by Nachimba Ft. Scottish Prince Below.

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